M2 (VS2i) Scientific Watch, Intelligence, Innovation

In a context of globalization, exacerbated competition and massive dematerialization, companies and organizations must adapt and seek new growth challenges (reinvent their business models, innovate, export, find new markets, modernize their methods and processes, be more productive...). Access to the right information and the ability to carry out strategic projects are at the heart of their competitive challenges.

Moreover, the volume of information available has become considerable and is constantly increasing.
However, available volumes do not mean easy access. The identification, interpretation and management of high value-added information (weak signals) require knowledge and know-how that are taught in the VS2i master's program.

The Scientific Watch, Intelligence, Innovation (VS2i) program aims to train managers with scientific and/or technological backgrounds in strategic watch, economic intelligence and innovation management, in order to meet the needs expressed by companies and organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.
Most of the courses are taught by professionals in the field of intelligence and innovation, and enable the training of executives with a triple competence in science and technology, intelligence and innovation management.

Skills acquired at the end of the VS2i Master 2 :

  • Structure the economic intelligence and strategic watch activity of a company
  • Facilitate the implementation of shared knowledge in compliance with security rules and regulations regarding information storage
  • Master the context of entrepreneurship, startups, R&D and innovation
  • Retrieve and acquire relevant information from different sources (patents, scientific publications, social networks, web, trade shows, etc.) using specialized computer tools, basic communication tools and knowledge of intellectual property
  • Structure and process information in order to use it to support a business strategy using dedicated IT tools
  • Identify weak signals, both internal and external to a company
  • Know how to make the link between strategic intelligence, innovation and competitiveness of companies
  • Prepare and conduct an innovation project with the help of functional specifications, risk analysis and knowledge of innovation financing, management and corporate accounting
  • Provide a framework for understanding the technical, economic and social issues at the national and international levels.


Semester 3

  • UE Strategic watch and economic intelligence (9 ECTS).
  • UE Engineering of innovative projects (3 ECTS).
  • UE Methods and tools for strategic intelligence (9 ECTS).
  • UE Culture in sciences and technologies (6 ECTS).
  • UE English (3 ECTS).

Semester 4

  • UE Research, development and innovation: from idea to market (6 ECTS).
  • UE Tutored project (3 ECTS, initial training only).
  • UE Internship (21 ECTS for initial training, 24 ECTS for continuing education).

In monitoring and economic intelligence:

  • Manager of an industrial intelligence, competitive intelligence or technology watch unit
  • Knowledge management consultant
  • Expert consultant in strategic scientific and technological information analysis
  • Industrial property manager

In innovation and research:

  • Business manager accompanying innovative companies' project leaders
  • Consultant in innovation financing
  • Open Innovation Project Manager - Technology Scouting
  • Innovation management manager


Companies and organizations having recruited VS2i:

Arc international, groupe Rocher, ingredia, CEA, becton Dickinson, exaegis, INRAE, EIT manufacturing, Ayming, bioeconomy...


Admission & Scholarships

VS2i is a training program attached to the Physics Department of the University of Lille that welcomes students who have validated a scientific M1 (biology, chemistry, computer science, etc.) or equivalent.


  • From 03/05 to 14/06/2023,

  • 2nd campaign from 28/08 to 11/09/2023,

  • Professionalization contract from 03/05 to 14/06/2023,

  • 2nd campaign from 28/08 to 11/09/2023.

Possibility to do the training in alternation with a professionalization contract.

Submission of applications on the eCandidat platform.
Applicants of foreign nationality (excluding nationals of the European Economic Area, Andorra, Switzerland or Monaco) whose country of residence benefits from the Études en France program are not eligible to use eCandidat.