M1 Fundamental Physics

The first year of the Fundamental Physics and Applications Master's program, Fundamental Physics, is a high-level course based on both theoretical and practical teaching.
Its aim is to provide students with a solid scientific foundation in physics, opening the way to all Master 2 courses at the University of Lille, or to Master 2 courses in Physics in France or abroad.
The course leads to further study in a thesis, to engineering professions at bac +5 level, or to the agrégation or hospital physics competitive examinations.

In addition to a solid grounding in fundamental and theoretical physics, the program also includes experimental teaching, such as projects, the experimental physics unit and thematic teaching workshops (ATE).

An internship lasting 2 to 4 months is carried out:

  • in a company or industrial environment in France or abroad.
  • or, depending on the student's choice, in a research laboratory in France (outside the University of Lille) or abroad.

Skills acquired on completion of the Master's degree

  • Students acquire in-depth scientific knowledge and benefit from a training program that sharpens their ability to think critically and rigorously.  
  • By the end of Master 1, students should be capable of independently tackling a complex physics problem (theoretical, experimental or numerical approach).
  • Students must be familiar with and master the fundamental concepts of physics, and be able to grasp the formal mathematical aspects. The course covers the following fields: solid state physics, quantum physics (atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics, etc.), advanced statistical physics, electromagnetism and advanced optics, materials physics, etc.


Master 1 Fundamental Physics is organized around four blocks of knowledge and skills, and in two semesters of 30 ECTS each.

Semester 1

  • Advanced optics,
  • Mechanical Properties of Matter and Symmetry in Physics,
  • Hydrodynamics,
  • Solitons, Turbulence,
  • General Relativity or Basics of Quantum Physics and Statistical Physics,
  • Basic Optics,
  • Electromagnetism in matter
  • Design and signal processing
  • English,
  • Student Project

Master 1 leads to Master 2 studies

The Master 1 in Fundamental Physics and Applications is particularly well-suited to the pursuit of studies in Master 2 in the following fields, notably at the University of Lille :  

The courses specific to each Master 2 pathway are presented in specific materials.

Admission & Scholarships

For M1 students

Admission to the first year of the Master's program is subject to an examination of the candidate's file, as follows:

Recommended degree: Physics, Physics-Chemistry.

Examination criteria: 

  • Provide a detailed record of the candidate's course of study, enabling an assessment of the objectives and skills acquired through previous training.
  • Proof of mastery of previous training (transcripts)
  • Proof of motivation (covering letter)
  • Provide proof of employment or internship.

Capacity: 80 places for the specialization.

Selection procedure: Application study.

National recruitment procedure and timetable via www.monmaster.gouv.fr

  1. Applications from 03/22 to 04/18 inclusive.
  2. Examination of applications from 24/04 to 16/06.
  3. Admission proposals sent to applicants and applicants' responses: from 06/23 to 07/21.

For M2 students

Priority is given to candidates who have completed the Master 1 in the field at the University of lille
Find out more about the special conditions of access to Master 1 in Fundamental Physics and Applications Applied Physics in Master 2 by consulting the University of Lille training catalog. To apply for a Master 2 degree, please use the Université de lille's application platform: https://ecandidat.univ-lille.fr