Master of Physics

Welcome to the website of the Master in Fundamental Physics and Applications at the University of Lille!

This Master's program trains students for a very wide range of careers, whether:

  • in academic or private research (researcher, teacher-researcher, research engineer), covering a wide range of physics fields (photonics, atmospheric science, complex and quantum systems, materials and their applications, particularly in the health sector...)
  • in the industrial sector (metrology, methods and quality engineers, etc.)
  • in the medical sector (hospital physicists, experts in medical imaging, nuclear medicine, etc.) 
  • in secondary education (associate physics teacher)
  • in the fields of innovation management, strategic intelligence and business intelligence (Consultant/Expert in the analysis of strategic scientific and technological information, Open Innovation Project Manager - Technology Scouting, etc.).

The various career paths illustrated below, and detailed in specific tabs, are supported by:

  • on top-level research laboratories at the University of Lille, accredited by several Labex (Laboratoire d'Excellence), Equipex (Équipement d'Excellence), CPER (Contrat Plan État Région) and European projects, and boasting first-rate technical platforms.  Research programs are part of the Graduate Program.
  • on strong relationships with companies and the socio-economic world in the Hauts-de-France region, France and Europe.


M1 Applied Physics > M2 Medical Physics ou M2 IMQ (Instrumentation, Measurement, Quality) ou M2 Prepa. for the Aggregation ou M2 VS2i (Scientific Watch, Intelligence, Innovation)

M1 Fundamental Physics ou M1 Physics of the 21st Century > M2 PhoCQS (Photonics, Complex and Quantum Systems: Foundations and Applications (ex SCOL) ou M2 MME (Matter, Molecules, and their Environments)
M2 PhoCQS (Photonics, Complex and Quantum Systems : Foundations and Applications):

  • Option: "Complex System Dynamics"
  • Option: "Laser Engineering & Applications"
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M2 MME (Matter, Molecules, and their Environments)

  • Option: "Condensed Matter"
  • Option: "Dilute Matter and Spectroscopy"
  • Option: "Atmospheric Sciences"
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  • Option : "Condensed Matter & pharmaceuticlas"
  • Option : "Soft Matter & pharmaceuticlas"
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