M2 (MME) Matter, Molecules, and their Environments

The specialization Matter, Molecules and their Environments of the Master Applied and Fundamental Physics offers an advanced education in the field of Condensed or Diluted Matter Physics and Atmospheric Physics.

It is organized with 3 options:

  • Condensed Matter, CM (materials sciences applications, including an optional course “Pharmaceutical Materials”)
  • Dilute Matter and Spectroscopy, DMS
  • Atmospheric Sciences, AS (in the framework of the Labex CAPPA)

Skills acquired on completion of the Master's degree

MME students will become experts in one of the fields covered by the master’s courses with a common background on characterization methods from the micro to the nanoscale (diffraction methods, optical and mass spectroscopies, electron microscopy) and theoretical basis.

They will be prepared for doctoral studies as well as R&D careers in industry or in public research institutes.

They will develop high skills in project management and intercultural communication.


Master 2 is organized into 2 semesters (30 credits each) of teaching in English, as follows:

Semester 3


Semester 4

Condensed Matter

Dilute Matter

Atmospheric Science


UE1.2 (3 ECTS)
Advanced Characterization

UE1.2 (3 ECTS)
Aerosols I

+ Scientific Writing Project

UE1.2 (3 ECTS)

UE1.2 (3 ECTS)
Observatory Spaces

Lab Internship

UE1.2 (6 ECTS)
Atomic Modeling

UE1.2 (6 ECTS)
Aerosols II

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)
Thermodynamic Phase II

UE2.2 (6 ECTS)
Radiative Transfer

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)
Molecular Mobility

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)
Large Instruments

UE2.2 (6 ECTS)
Atmosphere Modelling

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)
Mass Spectroscopy

UE2.2 (3 ECTS)

UE2.2 (6 ECTS)
Advanced Spectroscopy

UE2.2 (6 ECTS)
Imperfections In Solids

The Master's degree in Applied and Fundamental Physics, specializing in Molecular Matter and its Environments, leads to recruitment in public or private research laboratories (large groups, SMEs, ETIs, start-ups, EPICs) in one of the many fields covered by the course. It is possible to enter working life directly after graduation, or after further studies and a doctorate.


Admission & Scholarships

First year applicants: Bachelor of Science and Technology (Licence, i.e. 180 ECTS) or an equivalent Diploma in Physics, Applied Physics or Physical Chemistry or Chemical Physics

Second year applicants: First year of a Applied and Fundamental Physics.
Good English skills (minimum score for Toefl paper test 550 ; IELST: 6.5; CEF Europass: B2).
International students must complete the Campus France procedure as soon as possible (campusfrance.org/en) for application to the Master and Student Visa. Students with no Campus France agency and Europeans have to go through the university’s application program e-candidat

Opening dates for the different M2 ecandidat application sessions :

  • From 06/03 to 24/04/2023,
  • 2nd campaign from 08/28 to 09/11/20